Healthy breakfast cups

Simple, fresh, local artisanal ingredients layered together generously in a jar, bowl or even clear, reusable cup could be the difference you’re looking for to get that day started. Pop onto our online shop or call in at the restaurant to get yourself stocked up with the following locally made ingredients and produce. You’ll be whipping up wholesome goodness like a champion in no time!


Homemade Granola
Organic Natural Yoghurt
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Pineapple
Fresh Papaya
Farm Made Lemon Curd


  • Starting with frozen blueberries, throw a cup or two in a medium sized pan and add ¾ cup of sugar. Set the heat on medium and let it cook together until a syrupy consistency develops. You’ll see the liquid  from the frozen blueberries caramelise with the sugar to ultimately create what we call a compote, not a jam! Once this is made, you have a delicious Blueberry Compote that can used to layer in your breakfast cup, add to ice cream, use as a pancake topping or serve with any sweet dessert you can think of.
  • Cut up your pineapple, papaya and strawberries to make a little fresh fruit salad. Set aside for layering with the rest of your ingredients.
  • Starting at the bottom of your vessel, add a dollop of natural plain yoghurt, followed by a spoon of your ‘cooled’ blueberry compote.
  • Next, sprinkle some wholesome homemade granola, as much or little as you like.
  • Fresh fruit salad to follow…
  • Then just repeat the layers until you get to the top.
  • I love the tang of our farm made lemon curd. I added a spoonful to the top, so that when you dig your spoon into the mixture, it immediately kind of fuses into the rest of the layers, making your tastebuds do a loop of joy in your mouth.
  • This is just a basic layered breakfast cup, but it’s packed with all the goodness of farm fresh, natural ingredients that we strive to give our customers on a daily basis here at Sagewood.

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